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About MOUT Solutions, LLC

MOUT Solutions is locally owned and operated in Eastern North Carolina.  We have over 35 years’ combined experience producing ballistic absorbing SACON® concrete products for the U.S. Military and law enforcement and we take pride in providing products of the highest quality.  

We maintain an efficient manufacturing plant and processes to ensure every batch of SACON® products meet the highest standards.  


Get in touch with us to design and deliver your next SACON® project or sub-contract with us to provide SACON® products and accessories.

Meet The Team

Mark Fulford


Mark was a successful young entrepreneur when he was approached to manage a manufacturing facility and produce products to build and maintain shoot houses for military and law enforcement. He immediately seized the opportunity and spent the next 11 years becoming an expert in manufacturing SACON products. Over the years, Mark perfected the SACON mixing process and sourced the best possible ingredients to ensure the highest quality products.  Mark has produced SACON products for over 75 major projects, shipped all over the world, and his previous employer is a co-developer and co-patent holder of SACON with the Army Corps of Engineers.  

In addition to managing the manufacturing facility, Mark also used his extensive engineering skills to personally re-furbish a concrete mixer, install it, and re-modeled the facility to add a chute and 'hopper'.  In his spare time, Mark also enjoys re-building and restoring International Harvester Scout trucks and is amassing quite a collection.  Mark has natural engineering talent and can fix any machine and keep it running.  He can perform every job in the shop, and coordinates all logistical shipments to ensure all products reach their destination -- on time, every time. He personally performs quality checks of every SACON shipment.  Mark is a perfectionist with a high expectation for quality in everything he does, whether it is for work or his hobby.  

When Mark's employer decided to divest the manufacturing processes, Mark again seized the opportunity and he and his wife, Linda, purchased the manufacturing assets.  Their complimentary skills and expertise ensure the future success of MOUT Solutions.

John Sutton (Consultant)

Project Manager

John Sutton is a CPA, a licensed California general contractor, a licensed real estate broker in Texas and California, one of the first LEED APs in the country and has 30+ years’ experience in design, construction, real estate development and finance for major governmental, corporate and private enterprise projects across the US and in Canada.


He has been involved in live-fire projects since 2003 and his projects include some of the largest and most complex SACON villages, assault compounds, shoothouses and convoy courses in the country.

John is also an Inventor and Patent Holder of US Patent #8082710 for Removable Attachment System for Buildings (multi-level shoothouses).  This system allows for the assembly of multi-story shoothouses that can be disassembled and re-assembled for re-configuration, repair or replacement without damage to the wall panels and the connection system.  It provides seismic and structural integrity in extreme environments.


John was the Project Executive Manager for US Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), TwentyNine Palms, CA:

MCAGCC.  This is a 28 building multi-force village and 9 building convoy course.  The village on Range 210 is the integrated forces “finishing school” course for all Marines deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.


He has provided project design,  contract management and on-site supervision for many complex projects including:


-MCAGCC complex shoothouses (4) which is a walled assault compound and grenade shoothouse on Range 111.  Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ – two stage convoy course with some 40 one and two-story facades.


-US Army National Training Center (NTC), Fort Irwin, CA:  Battalion level village (16 structures), large complex assault compound, urban village and convoy course.  This project involved some 21 structures, from one to three stories on four remote sites across Fort Irwin.


-Naval Special Warfare, Dam Neck, VA:  Unique SACON panel walls to divide training ranges to allow usable area expansion, superior safety and contamination control for the Navy Seals and other trainees.


-O’Gara Training Compound, Montross, VA:  Six room almost 2,000 s.f. shoothouse with explosive and physical breach doors, a trainer elevated observation walkway and a pole barn protective roof.


-Various USMC, US Army and US Navy locations: Shoothouse, Camp Lejeune, NC; Shoothouses, Fort Bragg, NC; Grenade house, Fort Pickett, VA; Shoothouses, Camp Pendleton, CA.